Swiffer Badge

Dog Ownership Can Be Messy….

With a husband and a son with allergies, we decided that a non-shedding dog would be the right way to go for our family. Of course we fully realize that even non-shedding breeds still drop pet dander in the house, which is what triggers the allergies. But years of experience have also taught us two ...

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Magic Eraser- staircase after

Do “Magic Erasers” Really Work?

Our "new to us" home has some pretty scuffed up walls. Not just your typical "kids running their hands up and down the walls in the staircase rather than hold onto the handrail" marks, but "let's slide down the banister and use our sneakers on the walls as brakes" kind of marks. Now of course it is ...

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a plna to declutter daily badge

A Plan to… De-Clutter Daily!

Today I am fortunate to be guest posting over at SITSGirls- offering my advice on a 5 Day Plan to Stay On Top of Housework! This plan gives you the low-down on how to stay ahead of the dust and dirt-removal game by spending just an hour a day on housework. But you can have a clean house that is ...

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