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My Favorite Halloween Costumes

At this point while I am writing this post, it is highly unlikely that my kids will have the chance to go trick-or-treating this year for Halloween, at least on October 31st anyway, as Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on our area. During the last several storms, our town has lost power for an ...

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My 5 Best “Mom-nesia” Stories!

Have you ever had one of those situations when your brain just no longer works right, and you blame it on the fact that you've had all of these kids? Well, as far as I can tell- this is a true phenomenon- this "Mom-nesia" thing.... I don't know if it has to do with hormones, with brain-wiring going ...

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5 Reasons to Live a More Organized Life!

As you know, yesterday I launched a brand new "Boot Camp" here on Momof6 called "Get Your Life Organized" in the hopes that I can help more Moms gain control over an unorganized household, schedule, and busy life! But why should anyone even want to be organized? And does it really make a difference ...

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5 Ways to Have a Fantastic Fall Day!

I am going off-topic today (after all, we always tell you to feel free to link up a list post of your choice, don't we?)... because our family had the most perfectly awesome fall day yesterday. And when it came time to write my list post- all I wanted to do was to share it with you! They've only ...

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5 Favorite Summer Highlights!

This is the last true week of summer at our house. Forget what the weather man says.... this is the last week before the kids head back to school, and therefore, it is our last week of summer. And while that does make me feel a bit sad.... I have to say that our family has had one fantastic summer! ...

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