You can download this free grocery list printable, and then follow the tutorial to customize your list to match the layout of your local grocery store! It makes your weekly trip to the store so much easier!

Printable Grocery List!

One of the best tools that I use to organize my life is to keep a running grocery list on a clipboard right in my command center, so that every time I use up a product in the kitchen or even around the house I can write it down on my printable grocery list. That way I can make sure to replenish ...

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Org Projects Square

Fall Home Organizing Projects

Even though this is the 3rd week of school for the kids, it almost feels as if they aren't totally back yet since September is so packed with days off for holidays. The first week- they only had 3 days of school, the 2nd week included Labor Day Monday so they only had 4 days, and we had Monday ...

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Box Tops Collection Box- 200

How to Make a Box Tops Collection Box

How many times a week do you ask (okay... nag) your kids to empty the dishwasher? Put their dirty clothes in the hamper? Put their shoes in the designated bin? If you are like me- more times than you care to count! So perhaps if you were inspired by my recent post to stop throwing your dimes into ...

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