5 1-Minute Ways to De-Stress

5 1-Minute Ways to DeStress

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post here talking about how I was working to create a path to peace and a happy heart this year by making it a priority to be aware of how much stress I am feeling each day, and what the source of that stress is. Because as a die-hard-overachiever, its usually ...

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Dining Room Makeover- Buffet

Help Me Makeover My Dining Room!

Now that I've spent the time to declutter and organize our home office, the dining room that our home office shares is needing some love too! We purchased our dining table and set of chairs from the prior owner of our old house 15 years ago, having no idea that someday we would have a need ...

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There Ought To Be an App for That…

In our family, we take A LOT of road trips. Because it is just cost prohibitive to fly anywhere with 8 people, and all of their luggage, and rent an oversized car for a week. Seriously- if we flew, we would use up all of our vacation budget in just getting there, and having nothing left for a hotel, ...

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My Path to Peace and a Happy Heart in 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone! And welcome to the first Happy Mama Movement post of 2015! What's the Happy Mama Movement you ask? We are a group of blogging Moms who are trying to celebrate the joys of parenthood while recognizing that the days can long and the job can be less than rewarding at times. ...

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Winter Art3

Easing Into the New Year

While I am welcoming 2015 with wide open arms, I am feeling a little weary from the holidays right now, which is making it hard to jump into goal-setting mode simply because the calendar flipped over to January. We spent the last 2 weeks traveling 3000 miles out to the Midwest and then down to ...

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The-Storyteller Framed

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Believing in Santa!

Are your kids hitting that age where they are not sure if they still believe, but are kind of afraid not to believe for fear of missing out on presents Christmas morning? Are you hoping to have just one last year of a magical Christmas? I know I am! So there are a few things that I am doing here at ...

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Car with Bow

Keep Your BIgger Goals in Mind!

As I sit here with my family watching a few of our favorite TV shows, I am struck by the number of ads that capture our attention and make us want to own more "stuff". For the kids- it's movies, video games, and toys. For me, I see these cool commercials where the wife or husband is surprised with a ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In the midst of so much cooking, baking, and just enjoying the day, and before we rush into the start of the holiday season, I wanted to slow down and pause and reflect on everything that I have to be thankful for. My husband Steve Steve is my rock, my foundation, the center of my entire ...

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