Joe Boxer Collage

New Christmas Jammies!

One sure-fire way to make sure that your children look nice on Christmas morning is to give them a brand spanking new pair of warm cozy jammies on Christmas Eve! This has long been a tradition in our household- but in years past it has only applied to the kiddos. But no longer! This year Steve and I ...

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My Monopoly Collage

5 Great Board Games for Holiday Gifts

You know- my family can be a little hit or miss when it comes to board games. Over the years, we've received tons of games as birthday party gifts, but most of them don't get played very often. Most nights we would rather watch a movie together or maybe even play a video game as a family- except ...

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Shipping Rebate

Are You Ready for Some Holiday Shopping?

Are you planning on heading out to the stores to take advantage of the amazing deals? Or are you planning on staying in your pi's all day and taking care of all of your shopping online? Or are you planning on burying your head under a pillow and just wishing the whole shopping season was over? (Okay ...

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Roominate Studio

10 Great Gifts for Imaginative Kids!

I love toys that gets kids up and moving and encourages them to use their imagination at the same time! So when seeking out toys for this year's holiday gift guide series, I knew that I wanted to build a whole list of toys that promote activity and imagination… so here are 10 Great Gifts for ...

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Back to school 300x250

Create Cooler Texts! (Zap Video Message Maker)

When I was asked by my friends over at VolunteerSpot to try out a new video messaging app by ZapVM- I was excited to give it a try. It's a free app that your download to your iPhone that accesses your photos and allows you to add a voiceover to a slideshow of your images and send them out as a video ...

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