8 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year! {Links to Love}

This year Chinese New Year begins on Sunday February 10th and heralds in the year of the Snake. Our family celebrates this holiday by attending parties with friends in the Chinese and adoption communities as well as enjoying several large celebration feasts at home. We look forward to feasting on dumplings, long noodles (long noodles represent the New Year’s wish for a long life), yummy chicken and beef dishes, rice, and oranges for dessert. And the kids can’t wait to open their red envelopes (hong bao) of “lucky money”!

This week I will share with you some of our Chinese New Year decorations and traditions. But today I hope to inspire you to try a few of these New Year’s dishes with your own family:

Egg Rolls | Steamy Kitchen

We made these Steamy Kitchen egg rolls last year- and they were delicious!

Pan Fried Pork and Shrimp Pot Stickers | Steamy Kitchen

Another great recipe from Steamy Kitchen are these pan fried shrimp and pork potstickers.

Steamd Chinese BBQ Pork Buns | Foodista

And this year I want to add these Steamed Chinese BBQ Pork Buns to our menu. Thanks Foodista!

Scallion Panckaes | Serios Eats

My family loves scallion pancakes when we go out to dinner… but I have never tried to make them at home. But this recipe from Serious Eats inspires me!

Chinese Spare Ribs | FromAway

I think we might need to add these Chinese spareribs to our menu too! (And I think we might need to invite some more people to eat all of this food too!) From FromAway!

Egg Tarts | DessertFirstGirl

Egg Tarts are a traditional Chinese New Year dessert that we look forward to every year. I have never made any to my satisfaction, but I am going to try these from DessertFirstGirl.

Chinese All Cookies | My Recipes

And these chinese almond cookies would be another wonderful addition to our table, from My Recipes.

Chinese New Year- Pinterest | SharonMomof6

If you are looking for some more inspiration for Chinese New Year, check out my Pinterest Board for Chinese New Year!

*Please note that all photos featured here are the sole property of the blogger whose link is provided above, and are meant to show you how cool these ideas are!
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