Links to Love…. A February Comforts Edition

Even though this has been an extremely mild winter so far…. there is something about it being the middle of February that just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and a good book, and maybe a glass of wine. Oh- and Steve- how about lighting a fire too? Ahhhh….. now that sounds good.

So here are a few more comforting inspirations that I found recently on the web….

Something so delicious for breakfast!

My true baking hero, Bakerella, has come up with this beautiful Baked Banana French Toast that she serves in these small cups. I would love to make this for my kids one Saturday morning!

Something Comforting to Create

My girls would completely flip out if I made this nightlight using holiday lights and tissue paper. A great idea from Landee See Landee Do. But I just need to consult with my husband to make sure that he does’t see this as some sort of fire hazard. Because burning down the house due to one of my crafting projects would be a really. bad. thing.

Something New To Try

I had never through of the idea of taking some of my favorite printables and using them as wallpaper for my phone! What a great idea from Eighteen 25! And she hooked us up with 4 great phone wallpaper images to get us started!

*Please note that all photos shows here are the sole property of the blogger whose link is provided above, and are meant to show you how cool these ideas are!

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