De-Cluttering Closets, Changes with the Boy Scouts, Organizing Photos, and Life As a Busy Mom {Weekly Wrap Up}

We are mixing up our weekly wrap here to showcase some of what happened on Momof6 as well as some of my work that was featured elsewhere on the web. I hope that you enjoy my Saturday cheat sheet!

De-Cluttering Closets

Declutter Your Closet | iVillage Is it time to get some control over an unorganized closet? Then check out my post running over at iVillage on my easy 6-step approach to cleaning out your closets in no time!

Change is Underway with the Boy Scouts

Change with the Boy Scouts | iVillageSo change my just be underway at the national level for the Boy Scouts… where they will remove language from their bylaws that specifically excludes gay members and volunteers. Does this change how you feel about the Boy Scouts? I offer my thoughts on changes with the Boy Scous at iVillage.

Organizing Photos


This week I shared my best tips on how to put together a process to get your photos organized.

Moms Do More Before 9am Than Most People Do All Day!

It’s true…. and here’s the video to prove it!

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