100 Truth or Dare Questions for Tweens: {Free Printable Birthday Party Game}

Truth or Dare is the perfect party game for tween sleepover parties. But sometimes when left to their own imaginations, kids can come up with some pretty “interesting” truth questions and dares. So I thought it might be a good idea to provide a little direction for the kids, especially since I likely won’t be included in the festivities while they are playing the game! I specifically stayed away from topics of crushes (not every tween has them!), and anything that might lead to someone’s feelings getting hurt or feeling left out. So if you are hosting a tween birthday party in the near future: Here are 100 Truth or Dare Questions for Tweens!

If you are hosting a tween birthday party in the near future: Here are 100 Truth or Dare Questions for Tweens!

Click here to download the free printable truth questions and dares for tweens!

I printed all of the truth or dare questions and using my paper cutter, cut the pages into strips, folded them in half, and placed them inside of glass jars (that are actually recycled pasta sauce jars). To pretty them up, I added the Truth Questions and Dares labels and a ribbon (because who doesn’t like things to be a bit fancy?)!

If you are hosting a tween birthday party in the near future: Here are 100 Truth or Dare Questions for Tweens!I think they look so cute and ready for our sleepover party!

If you are hosting a tween birthday party in the near future: Here are 100 Truth or Dare Questions for Tweens!

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Perfect for sleepover parties- here is a free printable list of 50 Would You Rather questions for tweens!50 Would You Rather Questions for Tweens

Are you in the middle of planning a birthday party?are-you-planning-a-birthday-party

Then let me show you how to plan an awesome birthday party at home for less than $100!

Would your tween enjoy this Truth or Dare party game?

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  1. daphne says

    love this idea for my daughters upcoming bday. Just wondering were the Truth sheets suppose to be the same? In looking at them wasn’t sure if they were suppose to be duplicates. Anyhow, thanks for the great idea.

  2. says

    I’ve got to tell you, I think you’re selling yourself short on this tweens thing. I think this would be great all the way up through college. Especially for people in residence life. As an RA I would have LOVED to have something like this as an icebreaker.
    Chrystina recently posted..one down, one up

    • Ugh says

      I’m 17.
      This works with everyone.
      Please, If you are trying to be cool, Please spell correctly and use better Grammar.
      No need to complain on an awesome post.

  3. Jennifer says

    Perfect for a very last minute (planned in just a day) sleepover birthday party for 1o and 11 year olds!


  4. says

    Thank you so much for this! I couldn’t have found this at a better time. I am planning a Valentine’s themed slumber party photo shoot for my Teens and Tweens models at the end of the month and this is just the ticket to break the ice and help them get to know each other better. They’ve only had one shoot together so far and it was an outdoor on-the-street shoot, so they didn’t get a lot of time to talk. You have just made the event sooo much more interesting and fun!

  5. Rachel says

    Thanks for these! I am having my stepdaughter’s 11th birthday party this weekend, and I’m sure this will be tons of fun for the girls.

  6. says

    Truth or dare is a sleepover staple, and this is the perfect way to make sure it stays fun and friendly!

    Congrats on your feature in the #ThisIsHowWeRoll link party on Organized 31. Pinning now!


  1. […] Hi!! Well, I couldn’t wait till the next day so I decided to go ahead and post another post! I’m feeling really excited because I’m going to have a sleepover with my best friend Madison. We have it pretty much planned, I think, because we have forever kept bombarding each other on Skype with our ideas; some turned out to be quite silly! We are definitely going to play Truth or Dare, I mean who wouldn’t?  I’m getting the truth or dare questions from the site: http://momof6.com/at-home-birthday-parties/100-truth-or-dare-questions-for-tweens/#_a5y_p=3467185 […]

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