Great 5 Year Old Birthday Party Idea: A Waterslide Party!

We got the idea for a waterslide party when we had visited a friend’s house earlier in the summer, and they had one of these cool giant waterslides in their yard. Our kids had a blast playing in it, and had begged for one for our house. Since two of our children have August birthdays, we made a deal with them….. if they wanted to receive the waterslide as a shared birthday gift between the two of them, and if we hosted waterslide birthday parties for each of them, we could “justify” the expense of the slide!

While we celebrate both kids’ parties on the same day, they are held at different times- the first party is usually from 11-12:30pm and the second party from 2-3:30pm. It is nice for the kids because they get their own individual party with their own friends, and it is also easier on Steve and I because we just have one big set up and one big clean up for the whole day.

The Party Set Up

We asked all of the guests to come dressed in their swim suits and to bring along a towel. We inflated the waterside early in the morning and filled the base of it with water, so it would have a chance to warm up a bit as the sun heated up the day! We also set up some outdoor games like croquet and badminton to entertain kids who wanted a break from the waterslide.

Waterslide Birthday Party Food:

Lunch consisted of homemade fish-shaped pizzas!

The birthday cakes…… snorkel girl and snorkel boy!

Simple and Easy to Manage:

This birthday party was one of the simplest parties I’ve even thrown… we basically set out the slide and some games and the kids had a blast squealing and going down the slide over and over for the entire party! While we certainly stayed close by to the waterside to make sure that everyone was taking turns nicely and not squirting anyone in the face with the attached water guns… there wasn’t the same level of vigilance that we would have needed to have if this party had been held at a swimming pool (where we would have of course hired life guards!)

The birthday party favors were also very simple- a baggie full of Swedish fish tied with a ribbon and a little note that thanked each guest for coming to the party!

Do you think your kids would love to have a waterside birthday party? Or have you ever held a pool party for your kids? If so, please leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  1. Anonymous says

    oh, 2 separate times, that’s a great idea! my kids are aged 4 & 6 & also want the big waterlide. Their birthdays are only 5 days a part & they have been cool with joint birthdays, but I just might consider this idea.

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