Great 6 Year Old Birthday Party Idea: An Olympics Party!

With the summer Olympics just a few short weeks away…. this is the perfect time to celebrate your child’s birthday with an Olympics part of their own! We hosted our own Olympic party in August 2008, the weekend after the Summer Olympics had started in Beijing, and we found even at age 5, the guests were all excited about the Olympics! We held this party outside- with all of the games played in our driveway on on our lawn, and set up a few tables under the shade of a big tree for our snacks and birthday cake.

The “Opening Ceremony”

When the guests first arrived, we had them decorate some flags to represent different nations, and then we kicked off our party with an “opening ceremony.” The birthday boy ran around our driveway carrying the Olympic torch (a paper towel tube covered in foil, with red, yellow, and orange tissue paper coming out of the top). We created our own background music for this party, and we played the traditional Olympic-themed music during our opening ceremony.

The Olympic Events:

We planned 10 different games for the kids for this party:

1. Relay Running Race– paper towel rolls served as the batons to pass

2. Belly Balloon Break– kids had to run from the starting point over to where the balloons were set out, and had to break the balloon with their partner using only their bellies

3. Standing Long Jump– we used sidewalk chalk to create a starting line, and after each guest long-jumped, we drew a chalk mark for their finishing point.

4. Shoe Find– the guests took off their shoes, and we tossed all of them into a laundry basket, carried them to the other end of the yard, and scattered them….. when we yelled “GO” they had to run across the yard, find and put on their shoes, and return to the finish line (of course kids with velcro shoes fared better than those with laces!)

5. Frisbee Toss (to mimic a discuss throw)

**At this point we stopped for a popsicle break to cool everyone down!**

6. Wrap the mummy game- each team had to use an entire roll of toilet paper to wrap up one of their teammates.

7. Three-Legged Race– using bandanas to tie their legs

8. Hula Hoop game– each of the two team had to line up and hold hands. The hula hoop had to pass from one end of the line to the other and back again without letting go of their hands.

9. Heads Up Toss– teammates toss bean bags into a bowl held on top of another teammates head

10. Obstacle Course– the kids had to walk a chalk line while looking though the wrong end of binoculars, ride a tricycle to the next line, hula hoop 5 times, and then put on a frozen tee shirt (an over-sized shirt that had been wet down with water, folded in half and then placed in the freezer). The frozen tee shirt makes a hilarious ending, and cools off the party guests!

The Olympic Birthday Party Cake….

I created this cake by baking a late sheet cake and then using a template I had created out of paper, I cut the sheet cake into the shape of the joined Olympic rings. I frosted the entire cake with white icing, and then using store-bought brightly colored fondant, I cut out the Olympic rings to place on top of the cake.

Closing Ceremonies

We completed our party with an “official medal ceremony” where each guest received an Olympic medal while we played the National Anthem, and each guest took home a plastic water bottle as a party favor.

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  1. Anna says

    I love your suggestions for games! We had an Olympic themed party also in August 2008 when my son turned 2. For lunch we offered cuisine from the host country in a manner of speaking. Take out Chinese made it easy!

  2. Jen says

    thanks for the ideas. We are doing a version of this party tonight along with watching the opening ceremony.

    • says

      Well I sure hope that it went well for you! Last night, literally 10 minutes into the opening ceremonies, our cable (incl phone and internet) went out! It didn’t come back on for 2 hours! We missed most of the opening ceremonies! Grrr…..


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