Summer Camp At Home Craft: Melty Beads!

This is one craft item that should be in every Moms “toolbox”….  melty beads (also known as Perler beads). They are fun to use to create little critters and this is one of the few crafts that all of my kids enjoy doing this together. You can find melty beads at any craft store (or of course from Amazon). Be sure to get the plastic grid pieces that you use to build your craft in addition to the a tray or big bucket of the beads.

They often come with an idea book that kids can follow to create their design, or if your child wants to make soemthing specific…  say a guitar that can be played by their rubber duck- well, you can just google “perler beads guitar design”, and you will find one!

I purchased a set of larger sized melty beads that came with this book, that makes it very simple for younger kids to do.

After you’ve placed all of the beads where you want them on your grid, place a sheet of ironing paper over the beads, and iron them until the beads melt just a bit and join together (this is a job for Mom!)

After you are done ironing, leave the paper on top until the beads have cooled completely.

A very cute puppy that your child created on their own!

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