Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}


Easy Taco Bar

Cooking dinner in your rental home or condo while on vacation can save a ton of money over a restaurant meal- allowing you to stretch that vacation budget! But a road-trip dinner needs to be easy to prepare with just a few ingredients that are readily available in any local grocery store, and should be fast- because no one wants to spend their vacation cooking and cleaning up the kitchen! So here’s an idea for a simple vacation dinner: Easy Taco Bar!

Taco Night Shopping List Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}

Send Your Spouse to the Store to Buy 5 Things….

Yes, he will probably come back with 5 more things in addition to the list you gave him…. but that’s okay. You can be sipping a glass of wine in the hammock while he’s out doing the grocery run.

Road Trip Dinner Tacos1 Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}

In 20 Minutes, You Can Have Your Taco Bar Ready to Serve!

Especially with help! Have one child wash the lettuce, tear it into small pieces, and place into a serving bowl. Have another child open the taco cheese and place into a serving bowl with a spoon, and then he can open the taco shells and place them on a serving plate. Enlist another child to pour the applesauce into serving bowls while still another sets the table. You can take another sip of wine and start browning the meat!

Road Trip Dinner Tacos3 Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}

Brown the ground beef, and then drain it. Add in your taco seasoning and water, according to the package directions. Allow to simmer.

Road Trip Dinner Tacos5 Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}


Everyone gets to prepare their tacos just as he/she likes! Most taco kits also come with a taco sauce that you can put on top of your taco to make it nice and spicy!

Road Trip Dinner Tacos4 Easy Taco Bar {Road Trip Cooking}

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