Summer Camp at Home Fun Thing to Do: Ride Bikes and Scooters!

It just wouldn’t be summer without devoting some serious time dedicated to bike riding. Riding bikes is a rite of passage- it’s your first set of wheels, and your first ticket to freedom! We are fortunate enough to be blessed with a large circular driveway, so riding bikes and scooters is a prefect way for my kids to spend an hour or two getting some exercise. But even with the cool driveway option, my older kids prefer to pedal up and down the street which gives them a greater sense of independence and freedom!

Last summer the kids begged for a ramp that they could use for bikes, skateboards, and scooters….  but we have the issue here of accommodating different ages and abilities. So Steve built this ramp out of leftover wood that we had in the garage- it is low enough that the younger kids can use it safely and high enough that the older kids can use it to catch a little air when they ride over it with enough speed!

We also have a cool bike trail located about 20 minutes from our house. The only challenge is transporting all of the gear over there, and then keeping the crew together as they ride the trail at different speeds.

And you can’t forget the Razor scooter….  a summer must-have!

And remember the scooter mess in our garage?

Steve decided he couldn’t stand the tangled mess any more either…  so he put his wood-working skills to good use and built this handy scooter parking rack!

And don’t forget your helmet!

And here are some other Fun Things to Do as part of your Summer Camp At Home:

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