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How to Menu Plan

One of the best ways to get yourself into the habit of planning out your menus each week, is to hang a menu board in your kitchen. If you’ve listed your planned dinners on it- you can glance at it each morning and know what you need to prep or take out of the freezer in order to get dinner on the table. When you are planning your weekly trip to the grocery store- you’ll know just what you need to have on hand. When your kids are wondering what’s for dinner- they’ll know just where to look. And you’ll find that if you forget to list your menu plan… your family will see the empty board and will remind you to get it done! So today, rather than sharing a recipe, as I do on most Mondays, I thought I would share with you 5 great menu board ideas! I hope that you find one that will work for you!

Menu Plan the board1 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

#1. Magnetic Chalkboard with Meal Magnets

Of course, I am partial to this one, since it it my own menu board! What I love about it, is that there are separate magnets for each dinner that my family loves, so planning the week is as simple as moving the magnets around. Down below, meals are organized into categories: beef, chicken, pasta/pizza, easy dinners, etc- so I can easily see every possible option. This helps me to make sure that I am not repeating the same item over and over again.

The negative- this menu board looks too dull compared to the others below! I think I need to spice-it-up a bit and make it more colorful!

I receive comments all of the time with readers asking me where I purchased my board…. but I purchased it a long time ago at Pottery Barn, and this exact board is no longer available. However, Pottery Barn still makes framed magnetic chalkboards which you can check it out here, or for a more unique piece, I highly suggest looking on Etsy, where there are some beautiful boards on sale! If you’d like to see how I created the menu magnets, check out my tutorial over on OrgJunkie!

Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 1.09.29 PM 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

#2. Wipe Off Menu Board

Little Birdie Secrets shared a tutorial over on Make and Takes on how to create a beautiful yet simple menu planning board using a picture frame, a lovely piece of background paper and a dry erase marker. I love the board because absolutely anyone can create it. And it is super simple to use. And pretty! The one drawback is that this system requires you to actually remember or look up  all of the possible menu options to feed your family!

Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 1.17.03 PM 500x671 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

 #3. Index Card Menu Board

Here’s a super simple menu board that you can buy from JolieMaeCollections on Etsy for $19.95, or perhaps even create your own version using some wood, paint, and metal binder clips. I love the beautiful simplicity of the board itself, and the fact that you can choose your menu items from a stack of index cards that you’ve already written out. My only suggestion is that you might want to laminate the index cards so they last longer.

Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 1.21.34 PM 500x664 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

#4. Chalkboard Inside of Cabinet Door

I love, love, love this idea- of painting the backs of your cabinet doors with chalkboard paint and using them for menu plans, grocery lists, and even inspirational quotes. Beautifully done by Life With Both Hands Full. The drawbacks- no pre-written listing of menu options to choose from…. and I guess you need to take a picture of your cabinet door before heading to the store so you remember what you wrote there!

Screen Shot 2014 03 07 at 2.07.18 PM 500x669 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

#5- Colorful Cookie Sheet Menu Board

I love this inexpensive ($3!) idea for creating a menu planning board out of scrap paper and a cookie sheet (to get the magnetic background). Anyone can do this- and it incorporates everything I think works best- the list of menu options is right there on the board, and it can hang right on your kitchen wall. Love it! From one of my favorite bloggers Beauty and Bedlam!

Menu planning is just one tool that I use to keep my family organized! And if you aren’t menu planning each week…. maybe you should be!

This recipe is part of our Menu Plan Monday series, where I will be linking up Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday post.

Here’s what my family will be dining on this week:

BBQ Chicken Taquitos Badge 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Monday: BBQ Chicken Taquitos

Momof6 Asian Style Flank Steak Badge 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Tuesday: Asian Style Flank Steak

Easy Pasta Night Badge 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Wednesday: Easy Pasta Night

Road Trip Dinner Tacos5 300x228 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Thursday: Easy Taco Bar

Kung Pao Chicken Badge 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Friday: Kung Pao Chicken

Saturday: Family Fun Night: the kids have to plan it!

Homemade Chili Momof6 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

Sunday: Best EVER Homemade Chili

What’s on your meal plan for the week? Please leave a comment below- and share links to your favorite recipes!
Sharons Signture 5 Great Menu Board Ideas! {Menu Plan Monday}

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1 Em March 10, 2014 at 3:07 pm

I use a magnetic pad of paper that is labeled Sunday through Saturday…not as economical as you throw the sheet away each week but I bought it a long time ago at Michael s in the dollar bin. My issue is that I do not always make the meals on the days I originally pick and then it looks sloppy.

I love the idea of having all the meals my family likes to choose from…you have inspired me to try something else! Thank you!

I am thinking of putting all the menu items on popsicle sticks/tongue depressors. I can keep them in a pretty papered covered recycled juice can. I will color code the ends with marker: beef, chicken, pizza, Mexican, pasta, meatless and then I can choose one from each category. We tend to eat the same “categories’ of food every week. I could put magnets on the back of the sticks and put them on the fridge so everyone would still know what’s for dinner.

I found a recipe box identical to my grandmother’s at a local store and hope over spring break to organize all of my recipes. I could be really organized and match the recipe tabs to the colors of the sticks.

Thanks again for the inspiration!


2 Sharon
Twitter: sharonmomof6
March 11, 2014 at 1:06 pm

I love that idea! Please send me a picture when you are done and I will share it on the blog! :)


3 TCI March 14, 2014 at 5:06 pm

I have a thing for chalk boards. I love a blackboard and the idea of rubbing down all and start all over again. But your board with magnets is actually more practical.
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